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    Directly & indirectly GBHP Project Affected Person (PAPs) will be organized in the form of their own organizations. The institutions and their activists are recognized by the Government and private development agencies which are vehicles for the sustainable development and poverty reduction.



    To ensure fair and just implementation and compensation packages announced for affected communities of Ghazi Barotha hydro Power Project (GBHP) through involvement of all stakeholders and promote area development programme with a special focus on the poor and deprived communities.

    About Us


    Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara (GBTI) registered under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984 in October, 1995 to play the role of an intermediary for resolving project related issues and facilitating communities in area development.Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project of WAPDA is a Mega Project of WAPDA generating 1450 MW of Electricity. The project is in a vast area and for its construction about 85000 kanals of land was to be acquired. WAPDA’s past experiences in Tarbela & Mangla Dam construction implied the need for community participation in resettlement and development; NRSP having experience in community participation helped to establish Project NGO. WAPDA provided endowment fund of Rs 100 million and 99 million for the Integrated Regional Development Plan (IRDP).

    • GBTI core operations are managed from the income of an endowment fund.
    • GBTI is a Not for Profit Organization.
    • GBTI is autonomous and independent.
    • GBTI has no pre-conceived package for delivery of services or supplies.
    • GBTI is a Gender Sensitive development organization.
    • GBTI has no political agenda.

    GBTI is governed by an independent Board of Directors (BoD) and governing board is unique in many respects and distinguishes GBTI from other similar development agencies, RSPs (Rural Support Organizations) and advocacy based organizations exclusively portrays "Good Governance". It has deep rooted organizational structure right from top to bottom. The board consists of "Technical Directors" and those directly elected by the community organizations in their capacity as members of the "Local Board of Directors" (LBoD), who act in harmony with the local development needs. The LBoD effectively voice the concerns of GBHPP affectees, for a fair and timely resolution of their concerns.




    • People have tremendous potential and willingness to identify and prioritize development activities.
    • There is at least one Activist in each community who is willing to mobilize the community.



    GBTI primarily works in the GBHP Project area, which consists of 55 affected villages located in three districts; Attock in the Punjab province and Haripur and Swabi in the NWFP province. Total number of directly affected people is 20,000, of which about 38% are women, whereas those indirectly affected population consisted of about 357,500 persons living in the 20 affected Union councils (UCs).


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