Our BoD and Ex-Officio Directors.


The Patron

  • Mr. Shoaib Sultan
  • Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan is the Chairman of the Rural Support Programmes Network. He is a pioneer of the Rural Support Programmes in Pakistan, a totally community driven development approach. He initiated the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in 1982 and afterwards steered various programmes in Pakistan, India and South Asia, touching the lives of millions of rural poor. As Senior Advisor, South Asia Poverty Alleviation Programme (SAPAP) of the UNDP, Mr. Khan has set up demonstration pilots in six countries of the SAARC region, on the pattern of the AKRSP. Having served as an illustrious bureaucrat and development expert, Mr. Khan has been closely associated with policy making and development planning of Pakistan. He is also serving as the Chairman of National Rural Support Programme, and is on the board of eight out of eleven RSPs. In recognition of his services, he received the Global 500 award in 1989, Sitara-e- Imtiaz in 1990, the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1992 and the WWF Conservation Medal in 1994.


  • Ambassador Amir Usman
  • Ambassador Amir Usman is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara (GBTI), an organisation established in 1995 to facilitate the communities affected by the Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project in resettlement and development. Mr. Usman is an experienced diplomat who has served as the Ambassador of Pakistan to various countries including England, Russia and Afghanistan. He also steered various local organisations in district Swabi for the welfare of underserved communities.

Vice Chairperson

  • Mrs. Munawar Humayun Khan
  • Mrs. Munawar Humayun Khan is Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP), which works in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. She also chairs the Board of Directors of the Agribusiness Support Fund, a national programme for the development of horticulture, livestock and dairy. She is a Director of the Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara (GBTI). Mrs. Humayun is a development activist and agricultural farmer. Graduated from Kinnard College, Lahore in 1961, she has 20 years of experience of representing Pakistan as a diplomat’s wife.

Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Malik Fateh Khan
  • Malik Fateh Khan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara (GBTI) since 2011. He is a rural development professional with over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing development projects in the public sector. He has been associated with NRSP since 1998. Before joining NRSP, Malik Fateh Khan worked as Director General of the Agency for Barani Areas Development (ABAD), Government of Punjab for eight years. He is a graduate of F.C. College Lahore and holds Master’s degrees in Economics and Political Science from Punjab University Lahore.

Technical / Local Directors

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  • Mr. Khalid Mohtadullah
  • Served Water & Power Pakistan as a Member Water. Working as Consultant for various Mega Projects.
  • Zafarullah Khan
  • Col. Muhammad Anwar
  • Mr. Ahsan Khan
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  • Ms. Ghazala Siddiq
  • Ms. Naseem Akhter
  • Ms. Shaheen Akhter
  • DR. Rashid Bajwa CEO NRSP
  • An eminent development professional, Dr. Rashid Bajwa is leading the only countrywide development programme: National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) in Pakistan. He holds an MPH degree from the UK and an MBBS from Pakistan. He has extensive experience in the fields of management, social mobilisation, community development, microfinance and policy. Dr. Bajwa is implementing one of the largest microfinance programmes in Pakistan. He has helped in setting up Khushaali Bank, while also providing guidance to other non-profits as Chairman of Pakistan Microfinance Network, Director of Khushaal Pakistan Fund, Punjab Rural Support Programme and Sindh Rural Support Organisation..


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  • Dr. Shamshad Khan Khattak (Late)
    From: Oct 08,1995
    To: Oct 02,1996
  • Dr. Riaz Ahmed Khan

    From: Oct 02,1996
    To: Jul 31,2001
  • Syed Feroz Shah

    From: Jul 31, 2001,
    To: Oct 29,2001
  • Zafarullah Khan

    From: Oct 29,2001
    To: Jan 30,2004
  • Syed Murahir Shah

    From: Jan 30, 2004
    To: Nov 30, 2006
  • Muhammad Anwar Khan

    From: Nov 30,2006
    To: Aug 18,2008
  • Ahsan Khan

    From: Aug 18, 2008
    To: Jun 13,2012


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