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Sector : AFC

Affectes Facilitation Cell


The objective was to facilitate WAPDA and the Affectees more efficiently in land compensation matters, resettlement / rehabilitation and employment in the project and other project related issues.

Sector : SM

Social Mobilization


Social Mobilization, the core of GBTI's philosophy Social mobilization is based on acknowledging that the community is the center of all development activities. It is only informed and engaged community members who can plan and undertake sustainable grass roots development.

Sector : LEP

Livelihood Enhancement Programme


To improve the living standards and reduce vulnerability to shocks of targeted households, GBTI disbursed grant only for the income generating activities. Special focus is given to the destitute. A proper assessment plan is going to be followed.

Sector : RCED

Rural Credit & Enterprise Development Programme


An analysis of the MIPs shows that while the COs as grassroots institutions are generally interested in carrying out social sector projects such as schools, roads, and drinking water and sanitation schemes, individual members are most interested in carrying out income-enhancing activities. This usually requires training or financial capital – sometimes both – to begin or expand an income generating activity.

Sector : HRD

Human Resource Development


HRD works to enhance the capacity of community organization members in managerial, technical and vocational skills through it Community Training Programme.

Sector : PITD

Physical Infrastructure Technology Development


GBTI's Physical Infrastructure and Technology Development (PITD) section's purpose is to offer guidance to the COs in technical and construction related initiatives.GBTI also acts as an intermediary and facilitates linkages of the COs with donor agencies, including Government Departments, involved in the provision of infrastructure services in rural areas.

Sector : ENRM

Environment and Natural Resource Management


ENRM sector continues to foster productive linkages of COs with the line departments for the purpose of benefiting from their services. It has established linkages of COs with the agriculture extension department, soil conservation, livestock and poultry, forest and on Farm Management Developments.

Sector : GSSS

Gender and Social Sector Services


GBTI acknowledges Gender Mainstreaming a means of consciously raising the visibility and support to women's contributions to poverty alleviation. This is different from assuming that women will benefit equally from gender- neutral development intervention.

Sector : MAP

Monitoring Assessment & Planning


The Monitoring Assessment & Planning (MAP) section is responsible for systematically documenting programme implementation and collecting the data that makes it possible to assess the impact and effectiveness of GBTI activities.

Sector : Achievements

Memberships & Certifications