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Environment and Natural Resource Management (ENRM):

The links between poverty and the environment are bi-directional: environmental degradation, whether occurring naturally or as a result of human interventions, threatens the livelihoods of the rural poor most of them depend directly on agriculture, livestock and poultry, horticulture and orchard management to earn a living. Basic nutritional needs cannot be met when crop yields are reduced because of poor soil quality. Home-based enterprises requiring natural resources must be abandoned when those resources are no longer available or affordable.

Similarly, poverty has negative environmental effects when the poor must resort to unsustainable practices - cutting down trees and polluting water supplies, for example - in order to survive. Whatever its cause, environmental degradation affect the poor and vulnerable first, because they have fewer social or economic resources with which they meet their needs and little to fall back on in times of scarcity. In many areas environmental degradation has created a new class of poor people – those whose resource-based livelihoods have been severely damaged.

NRM sector continues to foster productive linkages of COs with the line departments for the purpose of benefiting from their services. It has established linkages of COs with the agriculture extension department, soil conservation, livestock and poultry, forest and on Farm Management Developments.


ENRM Sector has conducted diversified activities like: