Our Sectors

Gender and Social Sector Services (GSSS):

GBTI believes that its efforts to reduce poverty cannot achieve their full potential unless the organization addresses the constraints that limit the capabilities of men and women to improve their standard of living and quality of life. Key aspects of this are:

GBTI acknowledges Gender Mainstreaming a means of consciously raising the visibility and support to women's contributions to poverty alleviation. This is different from assuming that women will benefit equally from gender- neutral development intervention.

Livelihood Enhancement Programme (LEP):

To improve the living standards and reduce vulnerability to shocks of targeted households, GBTI disbursed grant only for the income generating activities. Special focus is given to the destitute. A proper assessment plan is going to be followed. GBTI has planned following activities under LEP:

  • Poverty Targeting Fund/Asset Transfer.
  • Community Livelihood/Investment Fund (CLF/CIF).