Gender & GBTI as an institution

Human Resource Policy of GBTI

Over the last 21 years, GBTI has successfully demonstrated its ability to grow and maintain high standards of performance. This has been possible due to sound HR practices and some key written policies and procedures such as the GBTI Employees Service Rules, Personnel and Administration Manual, Gender Mainstreaming Policy, etc. GBTI’s HR policy is a gender sensitive policy based on the following principles:

Equal opportunity: GBTI provides equal opportunities to men and women and for this purpose such rules and procedures have been proposed that enable both men and women to show their potential. In some areas where women mobility is restricted or literacy levels are low or they face any constraints that hinder their performance, the GBTI management is allowed to relax rules as compared to those applicable to men to bring women at par with men. At the moment there are 32% women are working in GBTI;

Employees Ratio in GBTI











Transparency: Though certain levels of supervisory staff enjoy authority over the others, all decisions are documented and the basis of decisions is generally known to all GBTI employees.

Flexibility to meet diverse requirements of the program: GBTI’s operations cover diverse areas, population, casts and languages; hence the procedures may not be the same across all regions.

Continuous capacity building: The driving force of any organization is its people. Therefore, GBTI is committed to build opportunities and pursuit life-long learning for its all employees without any discrimination that gives the capacity to move forward to achieve its mission and sustain its existence.

Rewarding exceptional performers, innovators and role models for inspiring other staff to increase programme effectiveness, improve efficiency or mobilize financial resources.

Zero tolerance for corruption and sexual harassment: GBTI requires all of its employees to abstain/refrain from corruption and any sort of harassment of employees in the workplace based on a characteristic protected by law, such as sex, race, color, ethnicity, caste, ancestry, religion, age, disability or marital status and a violation of Pakistan laws. Such allegations will not be tolerated. Where it is determined that inappropriate conduct has occurred, GBTI acts promptly to eliminate the conduct and impose corrective action as necessary up to and including termination of employees responsible for such acts.

Equal opportunity, special consideration for women and people with Disability: GBTI is an equal opportunity employer. GBTI is committed to recruit and select most competent and qualified persons. Recruitment and selection shall be made executed in a manner that ensures, open competition, and strictly discourage all sorts of discriminations on the basis of sex, creed, religion, and disability. The CEO is authorized to relax rules for the selection for a disadvantaged group for a specific category of employees. For example, in a remote area where master degree’s holder women social organizer may not be available, the CEO is authorized to approve the appointment of lower qualified women candidates or disabled.

GBTI believes that all employees are entitled to a workplace free of harassment and expects employees to treat each other and our customers with courtesy and respect. Conduct which violates this policy includes, but is not limited to foul language, dirty jokes or comments pertaining to race, religion, sex, gender identify, colour, national origin, age, or disability, regardless of whether the conduct was intended or not intended to offend or intimidate.

The code of conduct for protection against sexual harassment has been adapted by GBTI in accordance with Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010, approved by the Government of Pakistan. The Act is for all employees, women and men, and puts the responsibility of cleaning the menace of sexual harassment from the organizational environment on the shoulders of the management. GBTI encourages the enforcement of this Law to improve the productivity of its employees, and transform organizational culture and significantly improve its employees’ level of job satisfaction. This section has been developed to provide the detailed conceptual framework for guideline purposes.

Sexual Harassment: The behavior is described as any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors or other verbal or written communication or physical conduct of a sexual nature or sexually demeaning attitudes, causing interference with work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment, or the attempt to punish the complainant for refusal to comply to such a request or is made a condition for employment, is unacceptable behavior in the workplace, including any interaction or situation that is linked to official work or official activity outside the office. It constitutes a violation of this Code.

Responsibilities of the GBTI Management: According to GBTI’s HR policy the Management is responsible to follow this Code in letter and spirit to ensure that each complaint of sexual harassment is addressed responsibly. The management should be impartial in the process and will facilitate a just and fair inquiry without retaliation. The management will not victimize the complainant or the witnesses in the case and follow the given steps;

  1. Establishing an Inquiry Committee: The inquiry committee is consisted of following three persons;

  1. Malik Fateh Khan (CEO)

  2. Agha Ali Zafar (GM)

  3. Farzana Tahir (PO-HR)

  1. Awareness Raising and Education of the Employees regarding this Issue: The management has displayed copies of the Code in English as well as in Urdu language. Moreover special sessions have been incorporated regarding “Gender” in Employees trainings.

  1. Informal/Formal Procedure of Complaint: All sub-steps like mediation, confidentialities, working, findings and recommendations are being followed in the light of sensitivity and guidance given in GBTI-HR Policy.

Maternity Provision in Health Insurance: GBTI provides medical benefits and services to its Core employees, Credit Employees and Project employees, who are entitled for the medical benefits as per their contracts/agreements including maternity expences with leave.

Representation of Women on Board: Previously there were five women on Board out of total sixteen members. Four women representing all GBTI’s four regions and one was the Vice Chairperson. Recently on the completion of tenure of four local male representatives GBTI’s Board has decided to increase women representation by adding two more local representatives. Now there are 44% women on Board working as directors at policy level;

Board of Directors Ratio