Affectees Facilitation Cell

GBTI Board of Directors approved the establishment of a separate cell on 8th of December, 2003 to facilitate GBHP affectees and to solve problems including land compensation payments, enhanced land compensation, legal matters and resettlement issues, etc. The cell comprises of experienced staff to perform as a task-force in coordination with the local representatives of the community. The objective is to facilitate Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) more efficiently.

AFC Resource Centre: Affectees Facilitation Cell (AFC) Resource Centre was established in 2003 on the advice of GBTI’s Patron Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan, the purpose and objective of Resource Centre is to share GBTI’s experiences and lesson learnt with any future mega projects for smooth implementation. In this regard all previous record was streamlined in a systematic & presentable manner with the support of RSPN.

Land Compensation and Resettlement

The implementation plan for the project included mitigation measures for the protection of the environment and a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) to address the issues of land acquisition, payment of compensation for land, income and assets, relocation of houses and resettlement of people affected by the project. Up to the end of June, 2022 out of total 36,958 Project Affected Persons (PAPs), 30,673 have been paid their land compensations with an amount of Rs.4,411.49 million.

GBTI has shared categorization of pending land compensation payments with WAPDA for taking appropriate steps for 3% of remaining payments. 110 families have been allotted plots under the resettlement component who were relocated because of GBHP project.

Currently the pace of the remaining payments is slow due to following reasons;

  • The affectees with small payments are reluctant to pursue for their payments The affectees with big amounts are demanding their payments with compound interest rate which is being persuid in courts
  • Initially there was a designated post of land acquisition collector (LAC) in GBHP but now the powers has been delegated to concerned assistant commissioners (ACs) i.e. Tehsil Hazro and Ghazi for the payments.

Resettlement Claim Commission

On 13th of Aug, 2015 WAPDA has constituted a “Land Acquisition and Resettlement Committee” (LARC) to scrutinize applications of TDP/GBHP affectees and prepared a list of eligible claimants whose cases were pending with courts before 2010 to settle in “Resettlement Claim Commission” (RCC). Either they (PAPs) are willing or not to resolve their cases out of the court. Activation of RCC will be conditioned to a good number of applications in favor of LARC. In first round GBTI was not a member, however in second round GBTI organised number of consultation meetings through social mobilization with concerned PAPs individually and collected their willingness to settle their cases out of the court. As a result of these meetings 127 applications were received. Out of 123 hearings, 84 cases have been settled and 39 withdrawn by the affectees. While payments of Rs.279.3 million made to 77 cases.

Spoil Banks

There are total 151 plots on spoil banks of Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power (GBHP) water channel as per given detail:

Sr. No


No. of Plots





Khyber Pakhtunkhua





As per Spoil Banks Disposal Policy given in “Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)” WAPDA has to rehabilitate the spoil banks and tube wells on spoil banks will be installed under a separate contract. Spoil banks on the first reach along the power channel are expected to be made available for sale to the project affected farmers within 12 months from the start of this construction. The last reach will become available for sale with the completion of the main contract for the power channels, 51 months after the contract award

Currently the plots on spoil banks of KPK have been allotted to the affectees after getting NOC from KPK revenue board and installation of 11 tube wells. However the case of Punjab could not be resolved due to non-issuance of NOC by Punjab revenue board. In pursuance of NOC several letters have been placed to Punjab Revenue Board but the case is still pending and awaited.

Tube-Well User Associations (TUAs) persuaded for the installation of 11 tube wells on the sold spoil banks in KPK under the “Spoil Bank Disposal Policy”. So far out of 11 tube wells 07 are fully functional and remaining 04 could not functional due to different reasons.