Mr. Syed Asif Shah


In a career spanning 45 years, Mr. Syed Asif Shah has worked with the public sector, international development agencies, civil society organizations and private sector corporate organizations. He is a public sector administration, reform and program management specialist who has worked at the levels of community, municipality, district, province and the federal government. Mr. Shah’s experience with development projects is given below:-

  • Negotiator, Team Leader and Supervisor – World Bank funded Primary Education Program (PEP) for the NWFP (KPK).
  • Team Leader/Supervisor – World Bank-funded National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee (NTTFC) for simplifications of procedures and accession & ratifications of international conventions.
  • Team Leader/Head of Negotiations – Word Bank-funded Pak-Afghan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA).
  • Team Leader/Supervisor – UNDP-funded trade initiative from a human development perspective.
  • Supervisor – WTO (World Trade Organization) Trade awareness creation in public and private sectors.
  • National Coordinator, quarterly meetings of donors like World Bank, UNDP, DFID, ADB, GTZ etc. to discuss proposals to increase exports.
  • Supervisor – European Union, Asia Trust Fund, for Regional Project related to trade.

In areas of development, policy formulation and implementation in the public sector, he has served as Federal Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, whose outreach straddles diverse and large public sector entities such as the Trading Corporation of Pakistan, Trade Development Authority and Public Sector Insurance Companies. Mr. Shah has worked for over 25 years in the KPK province, which included assignments of Secretary Health Department and Secretary Education Department. He has ten years’ experience as Political Agent, and Commissioner supervising the former FATA.